Aardvark Israel Immersion Program

Be'chol Lashon is partnering with Aardvark Israel to offer opportunities for Jewish students from around the world to participate in an exciting semester or year in Israel.

Aardvark Israel offers semester and year programs in Israel for recent high school graduates and current college students (ages 17-22) from all over the world that combine immersion into Israeli society, service to the community through volunteer work and internships, and learning about Israel and Judaism through both formal academic and informal educational encounters. As a fully accredited university program, students may earn college credit for their coursework while on the program.

Aardvark Israel meets the needs of today's "millennial" students by offering a core program with a menu of add-on options enabling students to build their own gap year. Aardvark Israel also meets the needs of today’s parents by providing a better program for a better price than what is currently otherwise available.

For more information, please e-mail info@aardvarkisrael.com. Or call Aardvark Israel at 1-877-634-0162 (from the US), 1-888-824-6145 (from Canada), or 080 9234 3634 (from the UK).